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-->For families and for people that request a less challenging experience we can offer you a modified route that fits
 your physical level precisely.
-->You can inform us about your needs and it will be our pleasure to perfect your experience. 

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About our unique eco-trekking experience

The treks are  designed from the most experienced guides in the field and will  give you the best possible experience, knowledge and fun. 

All of our services include insurance,  and food provided and are guided through the most efficient and talented tour guides.

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Our customers satisfaction is our primary goal. 

Welcome to Good morning thailand trek    our nature friendly designed, ecologically sensitive tribal  trekking in the beautiful Mae Hong Son area that will take to a journey to the magnificent beauties and cultural wealth of The Deep North Jungle breathtaking landscapes of Thailand. 
          Our treks are guided by the most uplifting, experienced guides and they are against animal exploitation. If you would like to participate in a real deep jungle trekking experience and know more about everything in a clear and fun way.

Having seen the commercial mainstream way most companies are running the trekking activities (including elephants and tribal exploitation) we decided to take a different road and offer a genuine completely ecological experience to our customers that goes together and supports the natural environment rather than harming it. 

        We choose areas quite far from the mainstream trekking path.

        Our company is self sustained based on customers trust, word of mouth and positive feedback and does not use booking companies so you won't find us in a advertising flyer at your guesthouse. We want to stay away from the highly comercialized business path that is followed and focus on a small scale but at the same time completely genuine trekking experience that will stay in your memory for a lifetime.

       We believe in a small and trustworthy  business focus on customers feedback rather than a profit machine.

During our treks tour we visit and we integrate in a friendly and non intrusive way with the amazing simple but yet amazing everyday life and habits of the Karen hiltribes and also spend the night with them and their friendly hospitality.

We get to trek into the deep jungle and admire the breathtaking landscape as well as learn how to move and survive in such environments

Follow along the rice fields and mountains and learn how the hiltribe farmers are making their living, their habits and their simple but undeniable cultural wealth of a way of life completely diferent from our city-jungle lifestyles.

Experience the amazing feeling of having relaxing fun time in beautiful watefals and rivers

2 days trekking at mae hong son area



Departure from chiang mai at 6.30-7 am. We will drive 3 hours to the border with Myanmar. 

 On the way, we will have a break to buy supplies and enjoy the local life in market. 

After arriving  at our destination, we will stretch our bodies and minds by a 2 hour 30 walk in the thai jungle with the most amazing viewpoints amazing viewpoints. 

We will then break and camp to have our lunch and then continue our fascinating nature walk for about 3 hours to reach a beautiful Traditional Karen village where we will relax, connect with the local community and spend our night. 

With the help of our guide we will share our time with them and learn more about their culture and their ways.


 After Breakfast and spending some fun relaxing time with the friendly Karen residents, we will have a 3 hours exciting  walk through charming thai jungle nature. to reach our final destination. The impressive five-tiered waterfall where we will swim and spend our relaxing time. 

After that we will move to our pickup point d

We will be back at chiang mai at around 6-6.30pm exhilarated.

All of our trekking tours include the following

-->Transportation from and back to Chiang Mai
-->Highly experienced professional guide (and his assistant if necessary)
-->Health and injuries insurance 
-->Acommodation (for the two and three day treks)
-->Meals and snacks

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